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Heat stress & Heat illness 

Western Australia's summer heat poses a significant threat to miners' health and safety with working in outside and underground environments.  Heat illness, ranging from mild heat stress to life-threatening heat stroke, can strike quickly and unexpectedly.
This memo serves as a critical reminder...

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Resignation Day

Resignation day is looming! With  January 31 is the record day for resignations. While a number of reasons impact a persons reason for leaving.

Unclear career development is particularly detrimental to an employee’s performance, motivation, and engagement. Beyond a lack of clarity fo...

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The Importance of Communication and Engagement with remote workers
Effective communication & engagement with is crucial for keeping a safe and productive workplace. This post defines the importance of communication and engagement, tips and tricks to improve engagement, highlighting how it leads to improved safety, increased productivity, & a positive work culture.
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Common mining terms
a glossary of mining terms to help new starters and others understand the complex world that is mining
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