Resignation Day

02.02.24 12:27 PM By Projects

Resignation day is looming! With  January 31 is the record day for resignations. While a number of reasons impact a persons reason for leaving.

Unclear career development is particularly detrimental to an employee’s performance, motivation, and engagement. Beyond a lack of clarity for personal growth, it ultimately makes people feel undervalued, underutilised, and unclear on their future with the company.

Unfortunately as we move to a digital world, and people are working more remotely, many are getting left behind in career advancement and opportunity if they aren’t desk based.

When we look at the reasons people stay? According to CultureAmp

9% of Australian employees are currently considering or actively looking to leave their jobs.

The platform’s data shows that the top three reasons why people stick with their employer are: when they feel informed about what’s happening at their company; they have control over their well-being; and they believe there are career opportunities in the business.

To try and overcome this in the short term some quick wins can be.

  • Promoting job opportunities to were your workers will see them(especially if they are non-desk based which often get left behind.
  •  Promoting opportunities for secondments, temporary cross site transitions, inclusions on projects, mentoring programs, training.
  •  Provide an opportunity for expression of interest process to be non-computer based. Making opportunities email and desk based only can cause major disadvantage to those who don’t have access, may not be as computer literate or use one in their daily tasks. 
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